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Six AI-powered heroes are working 24/7 to increase your revenue,
satisfy your customers and analyse critical areas of your shop.

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40.000 hacked websites every week. Don’t miss critical updates to prevent attacks. We send you proactive alerts for necessary updates.

Data Quality

Incomplete product information is one of the main reasons for shopping cart abandonment. We check your product data for completeness and plausibility and provide recommendations.


The conversion rate decreases by 7% and lowers the crawling budget in search engines for every second the page takes to load. We monitor load time and come up with clear recommendations.

Legal Alerts

Every third online shop in Germany has received cease and desist letters at least once, often about minor issues. We automatically identify possible weak spots in the legal set-up of your webshop and alert you to amendments in relevant laws.


Delays in delivery, sold-out products or technical problems during the checkout process upset your customers. We track your ratings and reviews on all popular platforms and keep you up to date.


Shopping cart abandonment rates up to 80% are more common than you think! There are more than 40 different reasons for customers to abandon their purchase. We keep an eye on the main KPI and deliver a continuous analysis.

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